Sunday, February 15, 2009

Hoped to get Connected

"Within its hope, though yet ungrasped
Desire's perfect goal,
No nearer, lest reality
Should disenthrall thy soul."
(from Desire by Emily Dickinson)

What are my hopes for this course? The hopes and dreams I penned a month ago went unrecognized and appear irrecoverable - misplaced in cyberspace. Such is the reality of my own fledgling attempts to use technology. At first glance, the desire to perfect this undulating amalgamation of networks "disenthralled my soul". Upon reflection, the hope for perfection has been replaced with the hope for knowledge, perseverance, inspiration and collaboration toward the goal of becoming a more connected teacher. I had wanted to make ideas and images on the internet accessible to my students, but now I wish to connect my students and myself to a global social network of people, places and ideas through available technology tools. My desire is strong, my mind is open and the time is ripe.

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