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Exemplar Metamorphosis PhotoStory by Maho

A Personal Metamorphosis

Develop Your Story

Write a story about a defining moment in your life. This is a life-changing experience such becoming an adult, becoming a sister, becoming a musician, becoming a reader, becoming a social-networker on the web, becoming a gamer, or becoming a global citizen.

Your story can easily fit into a classic storyline about a dynamic character whose destiny is shaped by how he or she reacts to people, places, and experiences or series of events. Like Gregor in Metamorphosis, changes may be in response to the atmosphere, social pressures, family circumstances and the reactions of others.

Answer these questions to help focus your story.

1. Describe your life/character before the changing event(s)?

2. What were these events (time, place, incident, or series of incidents)?

3. What was your role in each event?

4. With what other people did you experience these events and how did they react?

5. What were the defining/pivotal moments that changed you?

6. How did you feel during these events (fear, exhilaration, sharpened awareness, or joy)?

7. How did this series of events change your life?

8. What metaphor symbolically represents your transformation?

9. Which of the themes in Metamorphosis does your story support and why?