Saturday, February 28, 2009

Class Reflection: Adapt, Adopt, Adept

Adapt, Adopt, Adept

Thread at wiki, forum at moodle
Friends at facebook, post at blog
No longer slogging through fog
Thanks to skyped in dialogue

Proffering profiles, responding readers
Streaming subscriptions, twittering teachers
Whether interest ridden or socially driven
No Ning should ever be forbidden

Horizon reports flatworld webbing
Panthernet forums wetpaint wikis
Adding gadgets and posting stickies

Tag at delicious, upload at utube
browse at flickr; networking quicker
Follower's feedback serves as fodder
Digital ducks whirl in water

Ubd, NETS, and PBL
Hanging out and Messing around
But Geeking out deserves a shout
Igoogle, googlelit and googledoc
Now set to talk the talk and walk the walk!

1 comment:

  1. Whew! That's a lot in one six week course. No wonder I feel like I know a little about a lot but not a lot about any one thing. I'm still struggling with blogging! It's a learning curve and I hope to get over the peak, or at least one of the peaks (perhaps blogging) soon. Or at least before the next course. BTW: I would like to follow your blog but don't see a icon on your blogpage for me to set myself up to follow your page. Perhaps on your profile setup page there is a box you can click or unclick? P.S. Why am I surprised you, and not me, wrote a poem for your blog of choice. Love the poem...

    Karen :)