Friday, October 9, 2009

Changing W's of Technology

I used to ask WHO can give me the right program, but now I ask WHO can help me choose the right program for my purpose.

I used to ask WHAT technology am I supposed to use, but now I ask WHAT technology will enable students understand my course objectives better.

I used to ask WHEN should I use technology, but now I ask WHEN will technology further learning.
Podius /

I used to ask WHERE should technology be taught, but now I ask WHERE technology can be integrated into my curriculum to further learning.

I used to ask WHY I should learn to use technology, but now I ask WHY specific tech tools help my students understand more deeply.

I used to ask HOW to use the recommended technology, but now I ask HOW technology will enhance learning.

Changing questions changes perspective.

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  1. You are such a superstar Barbara! I love the simplicity of the way you've worded this post, yet there is so much depth here. Thank you for trying new things and being open minded to new ideas.